Diversified Communications have worked with the city of Brussels for many years on security around Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global. The city is taking exceptional measures to maximize safety and help with business continuity. Based on our long standing history with the city, they have spent the last six months enhancing and strengthening security given recent world events. At this time, there are no plans to cancel this years exposition.

Tightened security measures are in place for the upcoming Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global additional measures are being assessed as the situation in the city evolves.

To prepare you for your attendance, the following measures are already in place. Other measures are being taken, but cannot be divulged to the public for everyones safety:

  • All Bags will be searched
  • Visitors may bring up to two bags provided they are smaller than 30cm x 43cm x 15cm
  • Bag-check availability at the facility is extremely limited. Please allow for extra time to check and retrieve your luggage. However, all are encouraged not to bring bags in order to save time
  • Attendees and exhibitors are subject to metal detector screening
  • Be prepared to show a photo ID
  • You will see police officers and explosive detection dogs throughout BRUSSELS EXPO
  • Expect security and law enforcement personnel both inside and outside of the show properties and throughout the city

Special Note:
Expanded shuttle service will be provided by BRUSSELS EXPO and the City of Brussels. This new service is offered to Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global participants at designated pick up and drop off locations between the Brussels Expo and four major zones in the city. This is another transportation option in addition to the complimentary metro passes provided by the City of Brussels.

Helpful tips:

  • Avoid bulky clothing
  • Leave bags and luggage at your hotel
  • Limit bags you carry, make sure they fit the size requirements
  • All attendees must have the official Seafood Expo Global and Seafood Processing Global Badge. Do not allow others to use your expo badge

Diversified Communications is monitoring global events and will continue to adjust our security plans accordingly, so please check updates by the link:

They continue to work closely with the venue, the city and the local and national law enforcement officials on monitoring security. They appreciate your compliance with these measures. Should you have specific questions, please contact them at