Group of the companies CJSC

Group of the companies CJSC «Strelets»CJSC «Fenix», CJSC «Taurus», CJSC «Eridan».

Its vessels conduct active fishing in Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, off-shores of Spitsbergen island, Jan- ayen island, at the bank Reikjanis, off-shores Eastern Greenland, Faroe Islands, Marocco, Mauritania and in international waters of Atlantic ocean.

The Fleet takes an active part in showactivities and annually represents its production in international as well as Russian branch-wise and region exhibitions. In competition “QUALITY MARK OF XXI CENTURY” in kind of participant from Murmansk region our canned fish “Cod liver in Murmansk style” got silver quality mark. CJSC “Strelets”, CJSC “Fenix”, CJSC “Taurus”, CJSC “Eridan” repeatedly won in competition “100 best goods of Russia” (Moscow).